[4.3.0] VioMagZ Blogger Template Premium Free

Download VioMagZ Blogger Template Premium Version For Free. It comes With a Super stream fast loading speed in GooglePageSpeed 99% and GTmetrix 95% so your page is opening faster like no other best blogger template.

VioMagZ is a blogger template that is designed mobile-first or prioritizes mobile appearance, but that does not mean ignoring the desktop display. It’s just that the current trend of internet users is slowly shifting from desktop to mobile, this is evidenced by the statistics of mobile users that are increasing every year.

Blogger Template Premium Freeblogger templatesv4.3.0VioMagzVioMagZ 4.3.0VioMagZ 4.3.0 Blogger Template

The appearance is made modern and elegant in terms of features or layout of the template, besides this template is made more user-friendly, the layout of each element is arranged neatly and does not interfere with the comfort of blog visitors. This template has lots of useful features embedded in this template including:

VioMagz 4.3.0 Features

VioMagz 4.3.0 FeaturesYES/NO
Responsive 100% YES
Fast Loading Fast LoadingYES
Ads OptimizedYES
Support the Blogger Theme Designer Feature.YES
Cool Responsive Share ButtonYES
No Credit LinkYES
Back to Top ButtonYES
Sticky WidgetYES
Custom Error pageYES
Cool Responsive Share ButtonYES
100% Responsive on all screen sizesYES
Widget Related PostsYES
Numbered Page NavigationYES
VioMagZ 4.3.0 Blogger Template

About VioMagZ 4.3.0 Blogger Template

1. 100% Responsive and User Friendly

Flexible template sizes and adjusts on every screen and neatly arranged layouts by maximizing CSS performance. Layout changes will not look forced when appearing on mobile, unlike most blogger templates.

Display features on the template are maximized for users (both blog visitors and blog managers), all menus can be easily accessed on the blogger platform

One of the features added is ‘Night Mode’ which functions to change the color of the template to be darker so that the article is more comfortable to be read by visitors at night.

2. SEO Friendly

The template has been designed SEO Friendly starting from breadcrumb which has been indexed by Google to other markup schemes.

You can test the speed of this template and test the data structure of this template to prove it, all you need to do when using this template is to replace the meta tags such as the Google webmaster verification code and so on.

3. Fast Loading
As explained earlier this template is designed to be user-friendly so the user experience is preferred, including blog loading speed. We maximize the use of CSS and HTML for some template features and reduce the use of Jquery or JavaScript in templates as well as the use of icons.

4. SVG Icon

SVG Icon is the lightest and most stable of other web fonts such as Font Awesome, web fonts are loaded by utilizing third-party servers, which means it requires more data and loading time to load a page even though the difference is a fraction of a second but it has an effect on the User Experience

VioMagZ 4.3.0 Blogger Template Free Download

Thank you for downloading VioMagZ Blogger Theme By sugeng.id. If you face any kind of problem during download then kindly leave a comment. we will fix it as soon as possible.

Can I Remove VioMagz Footer Credit?

Yes you can easily change the footer credit, and fully customize this theme by your own style.

Can I use unlimited websites?

Yes, you can use our provide template XML file on unlimited websites

Google AdSense Ads Optimized?

According to the theme developer, There is an automatic ad slot feature in the middle of the article and below the article to help increase ad CTR

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