Tree Plantation Paragraph with Bangla Meaning (PDF)

Tree Plantation Paragraph

Trees and plants are the most important part of nature. We depend on them every moment of our life . Tree plantation is the growing of trees and plants. We must plant more trees to save ourselves. Trees are so important in our life that our food is supplied by trees and plants. Our clothes are made of cotton which we get from plants. We get our building materials from timber trees, bamboos etc. Trees supply the oxygen that we breathe. Besides these, we get medicines from trees, plants and herbs, Furniture is made of wood . Moreover, wood is the most important fuel in our country. The places where we can plant trees are the fallow land, on the banks of rivers, canals, pond, in the premises of respective houses and also where cultivation is never possible. Trees are very necessary for us . Trees keep our environment balanced. But trees are being cut down thoughtlessly. If there are no trees and plants, our life will be at stake. There shall be no rain and there shall be no food. Our farmers 1argely depend on rain for cultivation. No rain brings no food. There shall be an increase of carbondioxide in nature and no shortage of oxygen which is essential for life. Through advertisements in the mass media about tree plantation, we should encourage the people to plant more trees.

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