Traffic Jam Paragraph For HSC, SSC, JSC EXAMS

Paragraph Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam Paragraph For for HSC

When a lot of vehicles get stuck in a particular place, it is called traffic jam. Traffic jam is almost a regular problem of the big cities and towns. The population is increasing rapidly and an increased number of vehicles is needed for the movement and transportation of the people. The narrowness of the roads, unlicensed and uncontrolled vehicles, illiteracy of the drivers, their reluctance to obey the traffic rules, their overtaking tendencies etc. are the main causes of traffic jam. When I get stuck in a traffic jam, I feel so sad that I often blame myself for being born in our country. Because nobody has any control over this tiresome aspect of life. A feeling naturally springs from my mind how unsuccessful we are in planning a comfortable way of movement of millions of people causing waste of time and thereby weakening the economy of our country. Traffic rules should be enforced strictly so that the drivers become compelled to obey them. Training programmed for the drivers can be arranged to make them aware of the traffic rules. Roads should be widened so as to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles and facilitate their movement.

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