Top 8 BCS Preparation: General Knowledge Questions

New 43 BCS is coming. Applicants have already begun to prepare. Time is not too much at hand. Needed preparation on General Knowledge at this time.
Here are some questions on general knowledge for preliminary preparation:

8 General knowledge Questions and answers.

When is it planned to send people to Mars?-By 2030.

What is the color of the sky on Mars? -Excessive pink.

What is the name of the highest mountain on Mars?-Olympusmones.

Which is the closest star to the sun?-Proxima Centrai.

In what year was Halley’s first comet first seen? -In 1859.

What is the distance of Earth from Proxima Centrai? -37 lakh crore km.

What is Shenzhou-5? -China sent manned spacecraft.

How many countries has China successfully launched a manned spacecraft into space? -Third

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