Paragraph On The Life of a Fisherman

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The Life of a Fisherman Paragraph

The man who catches fish to earn his living is a fisherman. He lives in a very ordinary house. He is laborious and painstaking. His primary task is to catch fishes and sell them in the local market to earn his livelihood. He catches fish in the rivers, seas, haors, beels, canals, ponds and ditches with the help of the and boats. Sometimes he fishes in groups. When he goes to the deep sea, his family becomes anxious for him. He works day and night with a net and sometimes with a small boat. In spite of being hard-working, he can hardly earn enough money. He thus supports his family through much hardship with the little income he earns. When he cannot earn, the whole family remains unfed on the day. Thus he passes his days miserably.

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