The Library and its Uses

  1. The Library and its Uses

In consideration of these and other uses of the library, every nation aiming at the enrichment of its civilization should treat the organization of libraries with a high degree of attention. In short, an all-out drive should be launched to build up the country a network of libraries and make arrangements for financial assistance so that they may not be closed down in the future for want of funds.

It is never possible to describe the uses of the library in full. Man needs to read as direly as he needs to eat. Reading not only strengthens his knowledge but also preserves his mental health and thus keeps him fit for the struggle of life. But none except a few can buy all the books he must-read. As for the students and teachers, their occupational pursuits would be badly affected without the library maintained by their respective institutions. Gradually, with the growth of the habit of reading, the reader develops the Instinct of possessing at least some worthy books which leads him to the book-shop.

A third of the kind is the institutional library, as it may be called because it is maintained by some institution-a college, a university, a trade union, chambers of commerce, or a government department. Such a library is open to the members of the institution concerned.

The second type, the public library, is the order of the day. It is to be seen in large numbers in every country. A public library, by its nature, is open to the public in general.

Libraries are divisible into three kinds-personal, public, and institutional. The first type implies individual ownership and exclusive right of access. A private person of sufficient means, both out of thirst for reading and fashion, may collect a series of books or different subjects and place them in a corner of his residence or office, Such a collection is called his library.

A library is a room or building containing books for reading or reference. In a general sense, however, the emphasis is on the collection of books, whether stationed under a roof or not.

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