The Hakaluki Haor Paragraph For HSC SSC JSC.

11. The Hakaluki Haor

(a) Where is Hakaluki Haor sited? (b) What is the area of this haor? (c) What advantages do the local

What do people get from this hair? (d) What fishes do you find in Hakaluki Haor? (e) What kinds of birds do you find in Kakaluki Haor? (1) When was the haor declared an ecologically critical area? Answer: Hakaluki Haor is a major wetland in Bangladesh. It is sited in the greater Sylhet district. The benefits to nearly 1.90.000 people. These benefits include fish production, rice production, cattle total area of this haor is about 18,386 hectors. This haor provides direct and indirect livelihood and buffalo rearing, duck rearing, collection of reeds and grasses, and collection of aquatic and other plants. The haor is home to any kind of fish. Of them, some species are Chela. Dhela. Pabda, Lal chanda, Boal, Kalibaus, etc. Hakaluke Haor is also home of many country birds and migratory birds. Every winter, thousands of guest birds of about 150 species from Siberian and other cold country flock to the haor. These species include Bright and Rose King-duck, Pati-duck, Ball Hash, Sorali, Nilshir Piyan. Pankourt, Rangamuri. Peributhi. Chokachoki, Giria, Khonjona, Water-hen, Pintail, etc. Hakaluki Haor is also known as a good grazing land in winter. People from near and far send their herds for grazing. The haor had very dense swamp forests in the past but deforestation and lack of conservation practices have destroyed this forest in the last two decades. Only two small patches of swamp forests still exist in the area. The unique haor system contributes to the beauty of the landscape both during the monsoon and the dry season. This haor is declared an Ecologically Critical Area in April 1999 by the government of Bangladesh.

Word meaning: wetland, provide (v) 21. livelihood ( 1)-51f q<t , benefits (n) feuf, include (v) – 4vfyv al, production (n)-, buffalo rearing af aquatic (adj) জলজ উদ্ভিদ/প্রাণী ইত্যাদি বিষয়ক, species (n) প্রজাতি, migratory (adj) = 71414pi , grazing land – 5154 3/2 dense (adj)=r| overline w |x swamp (adj)- nabla(dt/c জলাময়, deforestation (n)- overline |4 উজাড়, conservation (n) ক্ষণ, – , landscape (n) – 3(10) * pi , destroy (v)-48(7 3991 patches (n) ap, contribute (v) monsoon (n) – বর্ষাকাল, Ecologically Critical Area- পরিবেশগতভাবে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ অঞ্চল।