Students and Politics Paragraph For HSC, SSC, JSC EXAMS

Students and Politics Paragraph why politics is important for students? how politics affect you as a student ? Is politics good for students? why should students learn about politics? students and politics Paragraph with outline?

Paragraph Students and Politics

Students and Politics Paragraph For HSC

The practice of politics during student life is called student politics. Generally, students involve themselves in politics with different ideologies on different issues. But there is a lot of disputes over students politics. Some people opine that student politics is essential to expose them as conscious citizens. They can take part in movements against any sort of illegal practice within the country. It is true that student politics did play a vital role in Bangladesh to save our mother tongue, Bangla. Besides, they came out of their classrooms also in 1960 and 1971 with their patriotic feelings. These are the shining examples of our students. On the other hand, a section of people from among the Conscious class do not support student politics. They hold that student life is an important period to build up career. So, they should concentrate only on studies. They should not be used as the tools of political parties. However, there may be controversial views about student politics. But we should remember that fair participation in politics is a must as and when the nation requires. But they should keep themselves aloof from active politics. They must not be indifferent to their sole aim of achieving education. Students should have the belief that good education is essential for becoming a good politician as well as good man.

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