Self-Employment Paragraph For HSC, SSC, JSC EXAMS

Paragraph Self-Employment

Self-employment Paragraph offers independence and flexibility, allowing individuals to work for themselves, pursue their passions, and take control of their careers without relying on traditional employment structures or employers.

Self-Employment Paragraph For HSC

A country that is trying heart and soul to make all round progress and prosperity has many problems. The problem of unemployment is one of them. In our country a lot of educated Youngman remain unemployed for years together. Self-employment can be a useful alternative to solve this great problem. Ours is an agricultural country. About 85 percent people are engaged in cultivation. Our cultivation is quite backward because of illiterate farmers. On successful. completion of our studies we can go back to villages and engage ourselves in self-employment. At present Schedule Banks, Grameen Bank, BCIC and some Non-government Organizations give capital to help the people set up small and cottage industries in rural areas so that they can get to manage self-employment. With their help they can set up dairy farm, poultry farm, weaving factory, pisciculture, garments industry. Dependence on others for employment is really bad and hateful. So, it is honorable and prestigious to create self-employment opportunities all over the country. We can train ourselves in various trades like radio-TV repairing, watch repairing, electrical works and so on. We, therefore, should not idle away our valuable time seeking jobs.

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