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Introduction: Bangladesh is a riverine country. It is crisscrossed by many rivers. In fact, the land mass of Bangladesh is formed by the alluvial deposits carried by rivers. Some rivers are big and some are small. All rivers of Bangladesh flow from the north to the south.

Rivers of Bangladesh Composition

Names of rivers: Among the big rivers, mention may be made of the Meghna, the Jamuna, and the Padma. The other important rivers are the Teesta, the Kobadak, the Modhumati, the Arial Khan , the Karatoa , the Atrai , the Brahmaputra and the Kushiara, the Gumti, the Karnafuli and the Matamohuri are some of the other rivers. The smaller rivers are the tributaries and branches of the big rivers.

Utility of rivers: The rivers of Bangladesh bear a great utility. They have made the soil fertile. During the rainy season they leave silt deposits every year. The rivers constitute the main source of irrigation for agriculture. They abound with fishes which is a significant source of protein-rich food item that preserve our health. They provide employment avenues to a big chunk of our population. Besides, the rivers constitute the water – ways of the country and play a very important role in transportation of men and goods. Their contribution to the economic activities and economic development as well as agricultural development and social life of the country can not be overstated. They are also a very important factor for generation of electricity.

Conclusion: Rivers are Nature’s gifts to us. They are a very important factor for our existence. They exert a great influence on our life and character. But the beds of some rivers have become silted. They need regular and systematic dredging. Sometimes they work havoc in the country by bringing about flood. Mills and factories set up on the river banks pollute water. Polluted water is unfit for human and animal consumption. It causes many fatal diseases as well. All-out efforts should be made by all concerned to harness these gifts of nature to beneficial purposes.

What are the rivers in BD composition?

We are describing river names in BD in the fast topic.

What are the 5 main rivers in Bangladesh?

(1) The Padma.
(2) The Meghna and the Surma River system.
(3) The Jamuna.
(4) The North Bengal rivers.
(5) The Chittagong Hill Tracts and the adjoining plains.

What is the deepest river in Bangladesh?

The Meghna is the deepest river in Bangladesh.

Which is the dead river of Bangladesh?

The Buriganga River is the dead river of Bangladesh.

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