Qualities of a Good Student Paragraph for HSC

Paragraph Qualities of a Good Student

Qualities of a Good Student A good student must possess some qualities and these qualities make him different from other students. The student who is sincere in study, good by nature, modest in behavior, honest in thought and action, obedient to parents, teachers and superiors, disciplined in habit, is a good student. He gives due importance in acquiring knowledge and attaining all the good qualities. He performs his duties to God, to his parents and to the society. A good student maintains the rules of health and performs his religious activities. He is sociable and hard-working. He loves his country. He actively takes part in games and sports and other co- curricular activities. He has also much interest in doing social work. He makes proper use of his time and never shirks his duties. He is a law-abiding citizen. He devotes himself fully to gain knowledge. He cultivates all the virtues and holds values in him. A good student fixes up a noble aim. He gives topmost priority in molding his character. He leads a strictly disciplined life and never indulges in evil thoughts. He spends highest amount of time in the acquisition of knowledge. He knows that knowledge is the secret of success. A good student does not dabble in politics which is responsible for most of the ills of the youth nowadays. He bears in mind that the student life is the time of preparation for struggle ahead- not the time for actual struggle. In a word, a good student should reflect all the good qualities and presents him as a role model for other students.

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