Paragraph On Natural Calamities of Bangladesh

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Natural Calamities of Bangladesh Paragraph

Bangladesh is almost annually visited by natural calamities like flood, storm, earthquake etc. and so it is called a land of natural calamities. It is well-known that nature is full of a lot of elements and there is a close relationship among them. If this relationship is disturbed by any way, automatically natural calamities occur there. People face several severe natural calamities in our country. Of them flood, cyclone, drought and earthquake are the most powerful and destructive. Every year excessive rainfall creates flood which inundate the lower parts of our country and flood away all crops, weak houses and even domestic animals. When the environment is polluted by various kinds of smoke. and filth, it normally loses its balance. And in the long run, we face the cyclone. People cut forest recklessly as a result unlimited areas of land are becoming deserts. And when trees are lessened, we face drought which ultimately brings about poverty. Further, earthquake sometimes disturbs our country. Natural calamity is a curse for all living beings. During the time of calamities the sorrows and sufferings of the people beggar description. So we should be careful about the causes and remedial measures of natural calamities.

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