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Country Life Paragraph

Country life is most desirable if we seek peace of mind. Country life means to live in the villages. But now a village is not a comfortable place to live in. Those who live in villages fall into three classes, namely, the rich, the middle class and the toiling mass. The rich are very few, because they turn away from the village and usually live in towns. Some of the middle class people are land-holders. But they do not cultivate the land themselves. They engage laborer’s who do all the work for them. The businessmen among the middle class are prosperous. The vast majority of the villagers belong to the toiling mass. They are poor peasants, landless laborer’s, the artisans, the blacksmiths, the weavers, the fishermen and the people engaged in such other useful, work. The village is, however, full of dirty politics. There are some shrewd people who keep up quarrels, rivalries and litigations among different groups to extract some financial benefits out of them. On the whole, the life of the villagers is a sad tale of woes and miseries. The village is generally the home of poverty, squalor, illiteracy, disease and death. But the importance of the village in our national life is very great. We must not forget that if the villages die out, the fate of our nation will be sealed for ever. Villages must be reconstructed at any cost and village life should be restored to its former state.

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