Paragraph Folk Music and Modern Music For HSC SSC JSC.

(a) What do you understand by folk music and modern music? (b) What are the major characteristics of folk music? (c) What are the major characteristics of modern music? (d) What musical instruments are used with folk and modern music? (e) Why is modern music becoming more and more popular gradually?

Ans. Folk music is the traditional music of the people in a country or region. It is not influenced by any sophisticated music rules or any standard music styles. Folk music includes both religious and secular songs. On the other hand, modern music is the breaking down of all traditional forms of music, thereby releasing complete freedom in all dimensions, including melody, rhythm, and chord progression. Again, a generation of rural poets; composers have created an enormous tradition of folk music. Most folk songs are composed based on rural people, culture, and environments which differ from region to region. It has a great variety in Bangladesh. They are Bhatiyali, Bhawaiya, Baul, spiritual song, Jarnigan, Sarigan, Murshidi, etc. Bangladesh has a good number of instruments of its own. They are Dotara, Dhole, Bhasi, Mandira, Khajani., Hari, Kumkum and Zara etc. Whereas. modern music contains fewer lyrical melodies than the music of former periods, dissonant harmonies, complex rhythms, greater use of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments than in the music of earlier periods, and the use of synthetic and electronic sounds. Modern Bengali Music has blended western and middle-eastern traits with traditional forms. Modern music is becoming more and more popular gradually because it gives emotion-seekers the greatest pleasure within a short time.

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