Paragraph Corruption for HSC SSC JSC

Paragraph Corruption

Corruption means dishonest or illegal behavior, especially of people in authority present in our
country. There is hardly anyone who is not well acquainted with the very word “corruption”. Today
each and every government sector of the country is rotten to the core because of the widespread
practice of corruption by the people who are at the helm of power, by the officers, by the clerks and
so on. The country has topped the list five times from the viewpoint of corruption. However, there
are many reasons behind this galloping corruption. Thirst for power, pelf, wealth, and money is the
root cause of corruption. Greed, avarice and dishonesty, nepotism, and favoritism also contribute to
the cause of corruption. It has corroded the economy, retarted the economic growth, and baffled the
various development programs. It should be checked, controlled, and prevented at any cost so
that the country get rid of this national malady and see the ray of hope of development and the
people not involved in it can heave a sigh of relief and hope for the best and better days. Corrupt
people should be rewarded with due punishment. Even their wealth and money can be confiscated
and they may be meted with lifelong rigorous imprisonment. The mass media, the papers.
magazines, journals, articles and above all the consciousness of the enlightened people can play a
vital role in curbing galloping corruption. Now is the proper time to raise your voice, and take necessary
steps and punitive measures against the corrupted society.

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