My Favorite Hobby Paragraph For HSC, SSC, JSC EXAMS

Paragraph My Favorite Hobby

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My Favorite Hobby Paragraph For HSC

Everybody tends to have a hobby. It is a work of diversion. When our main occupation becomes boring and monotonous we turn to our hobby. My hobby is gardening. Whenever I get time I work in my garden. I dig the earth, make the soil loose, lay out the beds, plant seedlings or sow seeds of flowers. I weed out the grass, put manure and water the plants. I have grown a beautiful hedge around my garden. It protects the plants from the straying cattle and naughty children. There are both regular plants and seasonal plants. So my garden is never without flowers. There are both flowers of fragrance and flowers of beauty. They are of various colors, sizes and shapes. The rose is the best of them. The flowers bloom at night. I go to my garden in the morning. At that time my joy knows no bounds. Their beauty enchants me and fills the air with sweet smell. My hobby is thus a great source of joy and delight, of pride and pleasure.

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