My Father and Mother Paragraph For HSC SSC JSC.

My Father and Mother

My father and mother share a lot of similarities. Both of them come from respectable families. They hail from the same district. Both of them are educated. Similarly, they want us to be highly educated. My father is a service holder. My mother is a doctor and she works in a hospital. They are sincere in their professions. Both of my parents love me and my brothers and sisters. They are very affectionate and advise us on what to do and what not to do. They possess many good qualities. They are soft-spoken, witty, pious, and mild in their behavior. They go to their offices in the morning and return home in the evening. They like traveling very much. Whenever they get time, they take us to various places of scenic beauty and places of historical interest. Both of them spend their leisure by watching TV. They also like music. They can also sing well. My father likes modern songs while my mother likes Nazrul songs. We relish varieties of dishes at home – thanks to my mother’s cooking skills and father’s encouragement. To me my father and mother are great and I am proud of them.

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