Paragraph On Independence Day

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Independence Day Paragraph

Bangladesh is an independent country which had been a colony of the British for 190 years. It had again been trapped by the Pakistanis. The Pakistanis had exploited Bangladesh for about 25 years. Bengalese had become crippled economically, physically and mentally by the ill treatment of the Pakistanis. However, our leaders and people had been carrying on movements against the oppressors since the inception of Pakistan. At last the War of Liberation was waged in the midnight of March 25, 1971. For nine months the people of Bangladesh had been in war. About 30 lakh people dedicated their valuable lives at the altar of our liberation. At last the Pakistani army surrendered to the Mukti Bahini in December 16, 1971. However, March 26 is our Independence Day. This day is celebrated with discussions meetings, seminars, military parades and with other cultural activities. Shaheed families are paid honor and respect. Streets and public buildings are decorated and the whole country assumes a festive look on this day.

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