If I were a Politician Paragraph For HSC, SSC, JSC EXAMS

Paragraph If I were a Politician

If I were a politician Paragraph, my utmost priority would be to serve the people with transparency, integrity, and compassion. I would strive to create policies that promote equality, justice, and sustainable development. I would listen to the concerns of my constituents and work tirelessly to address their needs and aspirations.

If I were a Politician Paragraph For HSC

Politics is the science and art of the government and the government is one of the four factors of the state. It deals with the public affairs in general. A politician is a person who takes part in active politics or is much interested in politics. In the true sense, he is a selfless worker who seeks to run the affairs of the state and devotes his time and energy out of patriotic zeal to the welfare of his countrymen. Politics has been driven to the opening up of many tempting avenues to get involved in corruption throwing at a discount the motto of public welfare. Sometimes I give thoughts to take initiative to bring about a change in this deplorable state of affairs. For this purpose, I need to be a politician. I ask myself what I would do if I were a politician. Of course, I would be a different person with a lot of commitments to the people of the country. In fact, if I were involved in politics, I would try to become a genuine lover of the people rather than a political hypocrite. I would first look into the dark chapters of our politicians and unveil them before my audience. I would expose their selfishness, nepotism, favoritism, party-service and corrupt practices. I would also disclose the secrets of how they exploit the common people with the mischievous motive to serve their own interests as well as the interests of their respective parties. We know that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and we must exercise vigilance to ensure law and order as well as peace and security of the country. In order to be successful in my mission as a politician I would have to enlist some like-minded persons. I believe, such persons will be available and if I encourage them we shall be in a position to make concerted efforts to achieve the goal.

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