Human Trafficking Paragraph For HSC, SSC, JSC EXAMS

Paragraph Human Trafficking

What is the human trafficking paragraph? How do you write about human trafficking short paragraph ? What is human trafficking in simple words? What is the cause of human trafficking in Bangladesh?

Human Trafficking Paragraph For HSC

The incidents of trafficking men, women and children increasing in Bangladesh and other developing countries of the world have also reported about this. This heinous activity has overshadowed the image of the country. The traffickers are using the capital city and other border areas of the country as their fearless abode for running their lucrative human trading. Male members of middle class family, helpless, rootless and poverty-stricken children and women are becoming the easy prey to those brute traffickers. Child trafficking in Bangladesh is believed to be extensive both within the country and to India, Pakistan and the Middle East. It is universally recognized that the children are the future hope and leaders of any nation. The recent national census shows us the fact that about twenty-five percent of the total population of our country is children. They are compelled to join in the different workplaces. And frequently they are being exploited by their employers.

In a country where less than 10 per cent of children are registered at birth, it is difficult to track whether children’s rights are being protected. Those who are abused, trafficked or exploited are explicitly denied their rights to be safe from these practices under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). They are also more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and many other obstacles of life. Frequently, they cannot finish their institutional education, or cannot realize their right to be brought up with their family. Recent trafficking of male and female workers to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore has stirred the conscience of the whole world. They are not only deceived but also killed brutally in the foreign land. They made an irreparable loss to their family.

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