Global Village Paragraph For HSC, SSC, JSC EXAMS

Paragraph Global Village

What is the paragraph about the global village? What is global village Paragraph and you describe in your own words? What is global village class 12 political science? What are the advantages of a global village? Global Village Paragraph For HSC.

Global Village Paragraph For HSC

A strong The global village concept is largely based on technological foundation. The electronic transfer of information via the Internet has now created an instantaneous and interconnected world of information resulting in a 24-hour trading network. With the impact of high-tech communication media and ultra-modern transportation facilities, the world has come closer now. We can learn instantly what is happening in the farthest corner of the world. In the event of natural calamities, one country can come forward to extend its helping hand to another country. So, the countries of the world have now become like families in a village. The world people can share their joys and sorrows like next door neighbors. But global village concept exerts bad influences on the developing countries in the world. Taking the advantage of the idea of a global village, capitalist countries impoverishing the workers of the developing countries.

In the are exploiting and name of help and cooperation, the industrially developed countries are exploiting the cheap labor available in poorer countries. This actually paves the way for a lasting poverty so that the capitalists can continue to have a pool of cheap labor to draw from. The exploited and impoverished workers of the developing countries are no match for a globalizing powerful capitalism. As a result, the gap between wealth and poverty is ever widening. However, there is no denying the fact that the global village spirit has produced a window of opportunity for more countries to join the mainstream of world economy. Through this concept, the world can be knit together, cross-fertilization of culture can take place, and transfer of knowledge can become a reality. So, it is said emphatically that the present world can certainly be a better place to live in if we can build up an atmosphere of mutual understanding and cooperation throughout the global village.

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