Folk Song Paragraph For HSC SSC JSC.

Folk Song

(a) What is a folk song? (b) What does a folk song include? (c) How are folk songs rendered? (d) What are the traditional musical instruments in our country? (e) What is the attitude of the young generation to folk songs? (1) What does a folk song symbolize?

A folk song is a type of song sung in the traditional style of a country or community. The folk song includes the lifestyle of the rural people, with all their hopes, expectations, sorrows, and dreams. The major folk songs of our country are Baul, Bhatiyali, Murshidi, Marfati, and Jarnigan. Jatragan. Sharigan, Kabigan, Gambhira etc. Folk songs are sung by professional or amateur singers. They may be sung individually or in chorus. The traditional musical instruments of our country are Tabla, Dhol, Madal, Ektara, Bansi, Sitar, Kartal, Mandira, Dotara, Sarad, Sarinda etc. At present, the young generation shows less interest in folk songs. In general, bands and pop music are becoming more and more popular among the young generation. Since folk song symbolizes our own culture and tradition we should keep ourselves attached to folk song.