Essay writing Population Problem in Bangladesh

Introduction : Unexpected population explosion is the main problem all over the world. Bangladesh is one of the densely populated countries in the world. It is a small country having an area of 1,47,570 square kilometers. It is burdened with 140 million people. About 1000 people live in per square kilometer. Every year more than two million people are being added to our population. The problem has now moved out of control and it has now come to a stage of explosion.

Essay Population Problem in Bangladesh

Overpopulation as a problem: Though the population of a country is an asset, it becomes a problem when the country cannot afford her people all the basic necessaries of life. The area of Bangladesh is too small to support the vast population. As a result, it creates such communication educational shortage, health hazards, lack of medicine, environmental pollution and poverty. problems, as, food-shortage, problem, shelter disruption,

Causes of overpopulation: Now it is evident that, in comparison to our land and other resources, our population is growing at an alarming rate. The present growth rate of population in our country is 21.6 per thousand. It is obviously à very high growth rate. Dogmatism, prejudice, early marriage and superstition are responsible for this high growth rate of population.

Disadvantages : The population of Bangladesh is increasing by geometric progression. But the agricultural production is increasing by arithmetical progression. So the country’s production fails to feed the increasing people. Not only this, the job facilities are also unable to cope with this population. Being unemployed some people are becoming addicted to drugs and involved in terrorism. So the standard of living, political stability and cultural values are degrading day by day. There are crowds everywhere in buses, trains, bazars, schools and colleges. The prices of things are increasing by leaps and bounds. People can hardly make both ends meet. PR 5

Solutions: Necessary and constructive steps should be taken reduce the high growth rate of population. Early marriage sho be stopped. The introduction of family planning all over country is essential. Awareness should be created among common people about the advantage of small family size so ta they can go well with their per-capita income. Newspaper, rad television and other mass media can play an important role or educating and enlightening the common people about the disastrous effects of overpopulation.

Conclusion: Overpopulation poses a serious threat to the development of our country. This situation will worsen if the present growth rate of population goes on unchecked. government has already taken some measures to reduce the unbalanced rate of population growth. To create awareness about the impact of overpopulation in the young population education has been introduced in the formal education system. People from government in this campaign. Otherwise, all hopes and joys of all sectors of life should come forward to co-operate with the the people of Bangladesh will be nipped in the bud

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