Equal Rights of Women Paragraph For HSC, SSC, JSC EXAMS

Paragraph Equal Rights of Women

What is the women’s rights or Equal Rights of Women paragraph? What is the importance of women equal rights? Do all women have equal rights? Where do women have equal rights? What is Equal Rights of Women 250 words? What is Equal Rights of Women 100 words?

Equal Rights of Women Paragraph For HSC

In recent years female movement has got a strong momentum and it is true that the revival which was needed for the freedom of women has been started. Women are now becoming educated in large numbers and they are in the revolutionary process of coming out of the jewelry-box. But it is a long way ahead to complete the revolution because still women are not able to share power with men especially in underdeveloped countries like ours. Empowerment of women will need the true change in the attitude of men regarding the position of women. Women themselves should become more and more conscious of their position and their aspiration.

Because women have the same capabilities as men to do noble things and contribute to the advancement of the society. What more, they need to hold more responsible posts in the framework of a government. They are not meant merely for rearing up children and doing household chores. They can compete with men successfully in all spheres of human activities. Their lawful rights to receive education and to enjoy social status should be established. Women should be given their equal rights to march ahead side by side with man. The earlier it is done, the better for the nation.

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