Cultural Assault Paragraph For HSC, SSC, JSC EXAMS

Paragraph Cultural Assault

Cultural assault refers to the harmful impact on a culture through actions that devalue, exploit, or appropriate its traditions, customs, symbols, or knowledge, often leading to the erasure or distortion of its identity.

Cultural Assault Paragraph For HSC

Cultural assault means the intrusion of the foreign culture on the native culture. Cultural assault is considered to be harmful to the native culture. Foreign influence cannot be regarded as a cultural assault but the obscene scene or film or drama or any other form of programmed through satellite TV channel is termed as a cultural assault. By nature, the teen-aged girls and boys are impressionable. They are affected most because of cultural assault discarding their own tradition and heritage. The young boys and girls are fond of wearing jeans pant and shirt and prefer band music which is not harmonious with Bangladeshi culture. This is the result of foreign culture and tradition.

As a result of the satellite TV channels, cultural assault has become rampant in every sphere of life dealing a death blow to local culture and tradition. This should not be permitted to continue. It is the duty and responsibility of the educated people and the government as well to make an arrangement to stop cultural assault for the greater interest of the nation. For the purpose, awareness may be created among the general mass about the bad effects of cultural assault and the government may stop telecasting the harmful satellite TV programmed to save the nation from the cultural assault.

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