Composition Importance of Satellite TV Channels

Introduction: Culture involves the total way of living and is the result of progress. Our culture is our sense of life. In the deeper sense, culture is the refinement of taste and attitudes. Culture develops in the light of education and civilization. But in the hours of satellite cultures we are facing two phases of cultures known as the eastern and the western cultures. The eastern culture is old , ancient, obsolete and outdated but the western culture is modern upto date and fashionable. So great differences remain between the two cultures.

ESSAY Importance of Satellite TV Channels

Two phases of cultures : Western culture is in many ways . different from Eastern culture . Eastern culture is based on religious beliefs like . Islam, Hinduism, Jainism or the Buddhism. The followers of these religions are quite reluctant to do anything or to follow any other dictate, culture and instruction neglecting the dictates of the above religions. But western culture is an individual oriented culture.

Acceptance of it: We can never deny the impact of bad ‘ effects of satellite channels at the present time . We must adopt what is logical, rational, reasonable and truthful in the Western culture . Our sacred scriptures have emphasised on the values of truth and work. We must, therefore, adopt meticulous behaviour , technical aptitude and swiftness from the Western culture . We should not accept the decline of moral values . But , unfortunately our young generation are fond of the Western culture for they watch and enjoy violence, fighting, wrestling, boxing and naked / blue films on T. V. through the satellite channels. They neglect, hate, and ignore our culture but welcome the Western culture. They intend to live a Western life avoiding the Eastern culture.

Effects on youngsters: Our young generation is fond of satellite channels as they want to enjoy violence, fighting , wrestling , boxing and blue films on TV . They neglect , hate and ignore our culture but welcome the Western culture. They neglect palligeeti , bhatiali , bhawiya , and folk song but prefer pop songs which are sung with modern music in the Western style . They also want to wear jeans pants and T – shirts neglecting ours.

Conclusion: People of the Eastern culture are not accustomed to the Western culture but the influence of the Western culture and cannot be denied . We should rather pick all the gems of the Western culture like a swan. Our young generation can thrive on our own culture if they assimilate the picked pearls from the Western culture in our social and cultural environment for the forsake of building up a better society and nation.

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