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An application letter, also known as a cover letter, is a formal letter that is sent along with a resume or CV when applying for a job. Its purpose is to introduce the applicant to the potential employer, highlight their qualifications and experience, and express their interest in the job.

An effective application letter should be customized for the specific job and company, and should include the following elements:

1. A clear and concise introduction that states the position being applied for and how the applicant learned about it.

2. A brief overview of the applicant’s qualifications and experience that are relevant to the job.

3. A description of why the applicant is interested in the job and the company.

4. An explanation of how the applicant’s skills and experience make them a good fit for the job.

5. A closing paragraph that expresses the applicant’s gratitude for the opportunity to apply and their eagerness to discuss the job further.

6. The applicant’s contact information, including phone number and email address.

The application letter should be well-written and error-free, with proper grammar and punctuation. It should also be customized for the specific job and company, demonstrating that the applicant has done their research and is serious about the position.