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Paragraph An Export Fair

An export fair is a fair which is arranged by the government or Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) of a country. The main purpose of an export fair is the exhibition of local products to attract the attention of the international buyers. The Govt. of Bangladesh, especially the Ministry of Commerce, organizes Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar near the Sangsad Bhaban every year to promote export of the country. Business people from different parts of the world like India. Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia. Turkey. Korea, China and many other countries participate in this fair with great enthusiasm. They come here with a variety of commodities 1ike electronic goods, furniture, garment items crockeries, cosmetics. Carpels. machineries and many other goods. Local companies or 1ndustries. also make a display their products.

An Export Fair Paragraph For HSC

Through such an export fair an amount of revenue and more organizing Countries earns a handsome amount of importantly a large number of report orders. Our local 2rte the international market through exposure to an export fair. An crafts, handicrafts and other agricultural products also enter into n takes the look of an amusement walks of life. There are often export fair in our country often park for the people from all recreation and food corners which are an added pleasure to the visitors to an export fair. A successful export fair builds up a good image for the country. Foreign buyers often place bulk orders for importing goods from the organizing country. Thus, an export fair enormously contributes to the development of national economy.

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