Acid throwing

Acid throwing
Acid throwing is one of the most heinous crimes. Nowadays it is very rampant in our country. Almost every day we find the news of acid throwing in all the newspapers of our country. However frustrated lovers are involved in this evil activity. Where they fail to win the heart of their beloved. they try to have revenge. Finding no other way of taking revenge, they throw acid on them. The effect of acid throwing is very destructive. In most cases, the victims succum to injuries. And those who survive drag a very miserable life. Either they are crippled or paralysed. The victims also look ugly because their appearance and body become deformed. Acid throwing is an inhuman and barbarous act. It turns a man into beast. So stern steps should be taken to stop acid throwing and the criminals should be dealt with examplary punishment.

Word Meaning heinous – জঘন্য; rampant অনিয়ন্ত্রিত প্রচুর; revenge – প্রতিশোধ নেয়া; destructive Meaning: – rampantuf, ধ্বংসাত্মক; miserable – দুঃখজনক; appearance – দৃষ্টিগোচর; deform বিকৃত করা; deal – 8/(sqrt(54)) করা; nost- triangleleft/s ; – crime – অপরাধ; however er-q|<k-q ; involve – জড়ানো; revenge – g প্রতিশোধ নেওয়া; victim – শিকার; criminal

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