Acid Rain

Acid Rain

(a) What does acid rain contain? (b) What effects does acid rain have on the environment? (c) How does acid rain affect people’s health? (d) How is drinking water affected by acid rain? (e) What effect does acid rain have on stained windows? (f) What does the damage in Taz Mahal indicate?

Acid rain is such kind of rain that contains harmful chemicals. But in severely polluted areas, rain can be as acidic as the acids of lemon juice or vinegar. This rain, which is very acidic, can cause damage to trees, lakes, wild life, building, and human health. Acid rain also damages to human health. Breathing in chemicals can harm people. It causes chest illness. When acid rain causes the release of chemicals and metals into drinking water, it pollutes the water. That is how acid rain affects drinking water. Fading of the colours of the glass is a common result of the acid rain. In the last thirty years some 1000 years old stained glass windows have been damaged by acid rain. The damage of the Taj Mahal indicates that acid pollution is occuring in the developing world.

Word Meaning: contain (v) 33; harmful (adj.) – for; chemical (n)-8(2||3) severely (adv.) – RIS; polluted areas (adj.); damage (v) – f; wildlife জীবন; human health মানুষের স্বাস্থ্য breathing (n) পদার্থ: (n)-<^ bullet d | overline P |-S|< cause (v) WOR; affect (v) – E * [E] ^ 2 বিস্তার করা; fading of the colors রংয়ের বিবর্তন; stained glass- রঙ্গিন গ্লাস; Indicate ইঙ্গিত দেয়; developing world- উন্নয়নশীল বিশ্ব।

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