A Visit To My Primary School

A Visit To My Primary School
(a) Did you visit your primary school recently? (b) What was the occasion of it? (c) Who else accompanied you? (d) What did you see there? (e) How did you feel there?

Last week I had the opportunity to visit my village primary school on the occasion of the reunion of the ex-students of the school arranged by the teachers. I went there with four other boys from my native village who also studied there. When we reached there, we found the school building nicely decorated with colorful flowers and festoons. There I saw many other friends. We were very glad to see one another after a long gap. We recollected the days we had spent there. We were filled with intense emotions and feelings, Really we could not express our feelings in terms of words. We embraced each other and started chewing the memories of the days we had there. We noticed a great change in the school. When we were students, it was a tin-shredded building. Today it is a big two-storeyd building.

Word Meaning: re-union (v) – ; nicely decorated – ভালভাবে সাজানো; colourful flower – রঙ্গিন ; filled with – g * d intense (adj.)-; emotion (n) – ; ex-student- ; feeling (n) – fo; express (v) – ; in terms of words – 1; embrace (v) – a; memories (n)- স্মৃতিসমূহ; great change – ব্যাপক পরিবর্তন; two storeyd building – দোতলা দালান।

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