A Trade Fair Paragraphs For HSC SSC JSC.

45. A Trade Fair (c) A trade fair is a fair where different kinds of goods from home and abroad are brought for sale and show. It is an annual affair. It sits in a big open field at a convenient place where people can go castle. Preparation begins before the fair. First, the ground is cleared and the whole area is fenced or walled. Many brick-built stalls are raised. There is open space between the rows of stalls for the free movement of people. The stalls are arranged according to the articles sold. A trade fair serves as a sort of exhibition of goods from home and abroad. It is also a source of great joy for people. There are also food and drink stalls. The customers halt, rest and take refreshments. A trade fair becomes crowdy, especially in the evening. Both male and female customers visit the air in the evening. People buy goods from a trade fair at a cheap rate. It is of great importance. It helps the economy of a country to develop.

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