A Nuclear Family

A Nuclear Family

(a) What is a nuclear family? (b) What is the environment of a nuclear family? (c) What facilities one’ enjoys in a nuclear family? (d) How does a nuclear family help the students? (e) What are the disadvantages of a nuclear family?591

Ans: A nuclear family means a small family consisting of only a husband, wife, and children. It has some advantages. A nuclear family is calm and quiet because there are only a few family members. So, one can enjoy peace and happiness in a nuclear family. One need not think of others. So. one enjoys much time to do a lot of work. In a nuclear family, one has got fewer duties and responsibilities than in an extended family. So, one can remain free from anxiety. He can have much free time to move. In a nuclear family, especially a student enjoys much free time. So, he can study more and more. Again, a nuclear family is free from noise and disturbance. So, one feels very happy there. But there is no unmixed blessing in the world. The nuclear family is not without its disadvantages. One often feels very lonely and bored. If any member faces any problem, there is none to come forward to extend his help to him or her. In a nuclear family, it becomes very difficult to take any important decision because his/her decision may not be wise always.

Word Meaning : nuclear ( |j.)-(52/ overline 0 ; mean (v) – 24131 consist (v) – 0 0; advantages (n) = |r.)-x||8 উপভোগ করা, peace (n)-x||-8 ; happiness (n) – 72 ^ 31 need not think – চিন্তা করার দরকার নেই; others – অন্যরা; a lot of work – ; less – ; duties (n) – f; responsibilities (n) extended family – ff; remain (v)- ; free (a*d_{j}) – 16 anxiety (n) – f; move (v)- চলাফেরা করা, ঘুরাফেরা করা; specially (adv.) কর্তব্যসমূহ, দায়িত্বসমূহ; R; free time; study (n, v) – লেখাপড়া, লেখাপড়া করা; free from noise and (stur) – ঝঞ্চাট মুক্ত; feel unmixed blessing affd arian; disadvantage 1 (n)=9 2 f 4! (v)-5| 2 boxed b ; happy (adj.)-3d often feel – প্রায়ই অনুভব করা; lonely (adj.)-9ddd bored (adj.)-fdse lem(n) – 749 to come forward – 4; extend (v) – প্রসারিত করা; difficult (adj.) – জটিল, কঠিনগুরুত্বপূর্ণ; decision – সিদ্ধান্ত; wise – জ্ঞানী, সঠিক।

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