A Kitchen Garden Paragraphs For HSC SSC JSC.

A Kitchen Garden

(a) What is a kitchen garden? (b) Where is your one? (c) When are you busy here? (d) What do you cultivate? (e) How does it help your family?

Ans: A kitchen garden is a garden where various kinds of seasonal vegetables are grown for the consumption of a family. Since I know that vegetables are essential to keeping good health, I have made a kitchen garden behind our house. I usually work there in the morning, and in the afternoon. I weed out the garden, water the plants, spread fertilizer, etc. I spend a busy time in the afternoon. I cultivate all kinds of seasonal vegetables like cabbage, and cauliflower eggplant. tomato, gourd. pumpkin, pepper, etc. My kitchen garden is not only a source of vegetables for my family but also a source of income. We don’t need to buy any vegetables from the market. It supplies fresh vegetables to my family. Thus it helps my family.

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