A Fountain Pen

A Fountain Pen

What is a fountain pen? How many parts are there in a fountain pen? What is the function of the parts of a fountain pen?

A fountain pen is an instrument that is used for writing purposes. Nowadays a fountain pen is an essential article for educated men of all ages. Students and educated men can not do a single moment without a fountain pen. It has earned much popularity. It has two parts-the main body and the cap. The main body holds the nib. It is hollow inside and holds ink in its hollow body. Again there is a rubber tube in the hollow bodies of some fountain pens. This rubber tube contains ink. The cap has a clip attached to its end. It protects the nib from being damaged. The cap is screwed with the main body. It is with the help of the clip that one holds a fountain pen on the edge of his pocket. The fountain pens are of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

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