A Book Fair  Paragraph For HSC SSC JSC.

A Book Fair (বই মেলা)

(a) What is a book fair? (b) When and where is it held? (c) What types of books are available at the fair? (d) What types of stalls are found in the fair other than bookstalls? (e) Who are the visitors to the fair? (f) What types of programs are arranged at the fair? (g) How does a book help a man? (h) How does a book fair help to build an enlightened nation?

A book fair is a fair where different types of books are brought for sale or show. Nowadays book fair has become very popular. A book fair is usually held in the months of January and February. In our country, it is held in almost all cities and towns. The largest book fair is organized by Bangla Academy on the occasion of the 21st of February. It has created a sense of interest in books amongst the general mass. In a book, fair hundreds of pavilions are set up. All sorts of books-fictions, textbooks, dramas, children’s books, reference books, etc. are displayed. There are also food and drink stalls. A book fair becomes crowdy, especially in the evening. Both male and female customers gather at a book fair. The writers also visit the fair regularly. Seminars and cultural programs are also held. The main purpose of a book fair is not a sale but it offers a rare opportunity to assess the advancement made in the publication of books. It helps to create new writers as well as new readers. It inspires people to form the habit of reading. A book fair bears the testimony of the refined tastes and national culture of a country. A book fair reminds us that books are our best companions. They change our outlook on life and widens our domain of knowledge. It is books which help us to forget jealousy, malice and superstition. We get these best friends at a cheaper rate from a book fair. Thus, book fair is of great value and helps to build an enlightened nation.

Word Meaning: for sale and show – Fu; popular (adj.) – Gf; organize (v)

– ; occasion (n)–9 2 8|n create (v) – 3sqrt(18) ; interest (n) আগ্রহ; general mass সাধারণ জনতা; set up স্থাপন করা; fiction (n) উপন্যাস; reference book সহায়ক বই; display (v)-e( overline eta ^ 2 |m| করা; gather (v) – ; purpose (n)- overline 5(h 1 x 13 ; offer (v)-s|h|e|ds ; rare opportunity – ; assess (v) ; nent(n)- অগ্রগতি; publication (n)-s| overline phi | hat n as well as-qd8. inspire (v) – Gene; to form ( litiv*epsilon ) – ; bear (v)- sqrt 2 overline phi(S) ; testimony (n) – pi * 1 , প্রমাণ; refined taste – পরিমার্জিত রুচি; national culture- জাতীয় সংস্কৃতি; remind (v) মনে করিয়ে দেয়; companion (n) – সঙ্গী, change (v)-9f n-1 করে; outlook (adj.) – দৃষ্টিভঙ্গি; widen (v)- প্রসারিত করা; domain of knowledge জ্ঞানের Ti jealousy (n) হিংসা; malice (n) – বিদ্বেষ; superstition (n) – কুসংস্কার; cheaper rate কম দামে।